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SOLD: Audio rights to BERTIE'S BOOK OF SPOOKY SECRETS to Blackstone Audio


ACQUIRED: THE BOOK OF THE SEVEN SPELLS by New York Times bestselling author, Charlie Lovett


ACQUIRED: THE MATRIARCAS by New York Times bestselling author, Alisa Valdes


SOLD: Audio rights to HUNGRY HEARTS to Blackstone Publishing


SOLD: Audio rights to GARDEN OF THORNS AND LIGHT by Shylah Addante to Blackstone Publishing


SOLD: Audio rights to THE LADY ALCHEMIST by Susanna Whitehead to Blackstone Publishing at auction

SOLD: Audio rights THE LOST PRINCESS by D.C. Payson to Blackstone Publishing at auction

SOLD: Audio Rights to WHEN SHADOWS WALK by Mike Mersault to Blackstone Publishing


SOLD: Czech Rights to alpress s.r.o for Nicole Conway's FLEDGLING.


SOLD: Katie Kaleski's YOU, ME, & LETTING GO! to Tantor Media for audiobook publication.

SOLD: Caitlin Whitaker's THE SALINE SOLUTION to Blackstone Publishing for audiobook publication.

SOLD: Nicole Conway's 3-book MAD MAGIC series to Blackstone Publishing for audiobook publication. 

SOLD: Jennifer Bardsley's 2-book BLANK SLATE series to Blackstone Publishing for audiobook publication.


SOLD: Danish Translation rights for Natalie Decker's OFFSIDES series books 1 & 2.

SOLD: Nicole Conway's 3-book series, DRAGONRIDER TRIALS, for audiobooks publication to Audible.


SOLD: Clare DiLiscia's NELIEM & NELIEM 2 to Tantor Media for audiobook publication in 2019 adn 2020 respectively (Month9Books).


SOLD: W. H. Doyle TUDOR ROSE to Tantor Media for audiobook publication in 2019 (Month9Books.


ACQUIRED: BOOKSTORES, CRUSHES, & MORTAL ENEMIES by Katie Kaleski, pitched as a LGTBQ+ YA version of You've Got Mail (Swoon Romance).


Natalie Decker's book 1 in the Offsides series, RIGHT TEXT, WRONG NUMBER reaches No 1 on 4 Amazon charts (Swoon Romance).

ACQUIRED: Clare Di Liscia debut NELIEM, in which a teen, spurned by her own people, must go from victim to warrior after being given a mysterious dagger as she fights to win her independence and chooses between two suitors (Month9Books).

ACQUIRED: Former 5th & 6th grade teacher Kristin Thorsness's THE NIGHTMARE TREE, in which Tav must go to the heart of the woods, find a tree that has waited centuries to lure a visitor into its trap, and confront a terrible all-consuming evil (Tantrum Books).

ACQUIRED: Kelly Gunderman's FINDING ME, in which a wheelchair-bound sixteen-year-old faces down the boy who caused the car accident that claimed her mother's life and made it so she'll never walk again, and after getting to know him, wonders if she can trust him with her heart or if he'll crush that too (Swoon Romance).

ACQUIRED: Offsides and Rival Love Series author Natalie Decker's DATEABLE, which kicks off the NO APP REQUIRED series, in which a sixteen-year-old student's dating app malfunctions leaving no way to communicate with her crush unless she can work up the courage to use her words to ask him out, no app required (Swoon Romance).

ACQUIRED: Jennifer Lowry's new book, pitched as SWEET HOME ALABAMA meets SWEETIE PIE's, in which a 17-year-old homeless girl in North Carolina who has been caring for her siblings for the better part of 10 years catches the attention of a gospel-singing, Bible-quoting soul food restaurant owner who teaches her how to be a teen and take notice of the cute Southern boy she's been too busy or stubborn to notice (Swoon Romance).

ACQUIRED: Melissa Liban writing as Katie Kaleski's THANKS FOR BEING YOU, in which a boy with medical challenges fights for independence from overbearing parents and a girl fights for her life against mental illness, and when the two collide, they find something new worth fighting for (Swoon Romance).

ACQUIRED: Brittany Carter's LEAD THE WAY, in which a man in much need of redemption falls for a woman who will do anything to get him there (Swoon Romance).


ACQUIRED: Justin Joschko's IRON CIRCLE, in which a kick-ass fighter must pit her wits and fists against the city's toughest brawlers to escape the clutches of a merciless dictator intent on conquering the last-known resistance in the Republic of California, the sequel to YELLOW LOCUST (Month9Books).

ACQUIRED Dallas Woodburn's THE BEST WEEK THAT NEVER HAPPENED, pitched as combining Jennifer Niven's ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES, Nicola Yoon's EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, and Gayle Forman's IF I STAY, posing the question: what if, when you died, you got to relive the best week of your life—but you died too soon, and the best week of your life hadn't happened yet? (Month9Books).

ACQUIRED: Animators, directors, and designers for Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network Rory Huff and Bryan Madge's THE PRINCE AND THE GOBLIN, about a book-loving goblin who inadvertently becomes the sidekick to a heroic young prince out to save his kingdom from an evil sorcerer and his minions—namely, the rest of goblin-kind, THE SERPENT AND THE GOBLIN and THE SORCERER AND THE GOBLIN (Tantrum Books).

ACQUIRED: Author of RIGHT TEXT WRONG NUMBER Natalie Decker's WITHIN THESE VEINS, in which a single drop of blood contains access to memories, intent, and actions, and juries are a thing of the past, until the murder of a girl's best friend violently disrupts the system, sending one girl on the run and placing a boy, sworn to protect her, squarely in the middle of the crime investigation (Month9Books).

ACQUIRED: Hollywood Book Fest, New York Book Fest, and San Francisco Book Fest Honorable Mention recipient, and author of HAIR IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES 3 Andrew Buckley's THE FATE OF FREDDY MITCHELL, book 1 in the Dead Kid Chronicles, about when the fates of the underworld fail to capture a young soul at his scheduled time of death, and the very fabric of the universe begins to unravel—while the fates scramble to correct their mistake, he is forced to deal with a chatty crow, dark and sinister creatures hunting him through the night, a murderous gang of soul hunters, and the fact that he no longer appears to be as alive as he used to be (Tantrum Books).

ACQUIRED: Author of HANK'S BIG DAY, a Kirkus Best Book of 2016 Evan Kuhlman and screenwriter of Heaven is for Real Chris Parker, together writing as Ocelot Emerson's BERTIE'S BOOK OF SPOOKY WONDERS, in which a precocious 11-year-old girl who doesn't always make great choices brings trouble with her when she and her mom move to a new town, and after she causes her stepbrother to get hit by car, must work with a ghost and a doppelgänger to find a way to heal her brother, herself, and her new family (Tantrum Books).

ACQUIRED: Caitlin Whitaker's THE SALINE SOLUTION, a coming-of-age story about a girl who desperately wants bigger boobs before prom, and devises a fundraiser to make it happen, but living with the consequences of having everyone in her girl business might leave her feeling worse, even if she does manage to go from A's to C's this semester (Swoon Romance).

ACQUIRE: Debut author Shylah Addante's GARDEN OF THORNS AND LIGHT, pitched as reinventing the fairy mythos, following the protagonist's journey of self-discovery as she sprouts thorns and uncovers family secrets (Month9Books).